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– Vj Jyoti

I was the kind of person who would always feel reluctant to try cosmetics. Ever since I have known Revival Beauty and tried their products (Ziiit being my favourite), I have understood the importance of enhancing oneโ€™s beauty. I have been shopping with them for years and there is not a single time I have been disappointed. They are my absolute favourites!

– Vj Jyoti

Anish Tamang (Makeup Artist)

My one stop place to buy all my essentials for creating art work, Revival Beauty has always been my trusted place to shop and have always exceeded the customer service with good quality products.

Sizi Thapa (International Makeup Artist)

Revival Beauty has been very dearest to me coz this is the very 1st beauty brand I have worked with closely. I have known them for years and we did workshop together too. The best point is they never beat around bush, so professional yet friendly and effective. They are definitely my go ๐Ÿ’ฏ always.

Kirti Joshi (Makeup Artist)

I have been shopping in revival from 2015 . The best part about revival is it doesnโ€™t cost a fortune for genuine makeup n skincare products.

Revival Beauty is one of the store whose customer service also aces. They never hesitate with our queries and recommend you products keeping your skin type in mind.

Couldnโ€™t recommend this store highly enough.

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